Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Crappy poetry week, part four

Today's edition of Crappy Poetry Week comes in sonnet form. I don't know what was going on in my head at the time. All I know was that doing a poetry unit right after a breakup was not a good idea. Too much bad romantic angst poetry comes from it.

Oh, and the real situation wasn't quite as bad as the poem painted it, as is often the case when you're a teen. I was just going through some real angst.

Anyway, here's the poem.

Sonnet: Dropped from the Sky...Sort Of (Me, Fall 2002)

He gave me wings that set my hopes aflight.
I flew there, thinking that he would stay near.
This hope I lived upon, whe'er day or night
Until his real intent for me was clear.
He dropped me, and I landed on my butt,
And then he left, but I knew what would come,
For I'd forgive him and look like a nut
And then he'd look upon me like a bum.
Why I forgive him remains a myst'ry.
To live without him seems hopeless, I guess.
I keep him here, knowing his history
But knowing that through him my life's a mess.
Forgiveness for all can't be right at all,
Yet keeping him here helps my heart to stall.

In other news, I'm now scrobbling Grooveshark to with a Greasemonkey script. Hell yes. :D
Tags: high school, poetry

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