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I mentioned Omegle in the last post and how I was doling out questions. This time I decided to volunteer to be spied on because most of the time people disconnected immediately in my experience. Here's the result of the most interesting conversation.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
What's your religion? What do you think of your partner's religion and why?

You: this assumes I have a partner

Stranger: i dont have a partner

You: high five

Stranger: yesss

Stranger: im not alone

You: What is this partner? I am forever aloone

Stranger: u speak the lanuage

You: the language of the internet?

Stranger: yes

You: :D

You: I have found another

Stranger: dees bitches neva understand what im saying

Stranger: and i feel more alone

You: bitches gonna bitch, you know

Stranger: another question

Stranger: how do you feel about kittens

You: kittens are amazing and cute and fluffy and adorable. I want one.

Stranger: ok good

You: Anyone hwo disagrees is wrong.

Stranger: this moves you to question part 2

Stranger: how do you feel about a room filled with kittens

Stranger: that dont poop or pee

Stranger: or ever grow up

Stranger: they just cuddle and love you

Stranger: and every year a new batch grows

You: omb. This sounds more amazing by the minute.

Stranger: and you wait for the harvest

You: oh wait, more kittens? This sounds like this minecrack video I saw once

Stranger: no

Stranger: seasonally

You: except there were bunnies and not kittens

Stranger: himilayans

Stranger: pursians

Stranger: tabbies

Stranger: siamies

You: kiiiiiiiiitties

Stranger: those ones with no ears

Stranger: russian blues

Stranger: bald cats

Stranger: semi bald cats

You: I don't care. just give me all the kitties

You: as long as they dont' poop or pee on me we're good

You: they can cuddle and love me all they want

Stranger: litter boxes with air freshioners of palm trees

You: those are interesting litter boxes

Stranger: ive realized if you start a covo with

Stranger: i like to poop

Stranger: people will disconnect quickly

You: No. way.

Stranger: sad

You: you mean no one says "Hey, I like to poop too!"

You: guess no one likes getting waste out of their system

Stranger: no they dont pursue the convo

You: pfft. they're no fun

Stranger: if i say hello i like to poop

Stranger: they disconnect

You: I must try this for science.

Stranger: is that how ugly people feel

Stranger: no one listening to them

You: Unloved and alone?

Stranger: they must fight to the death for attention

Stranger: :'(

You: It's a sad fate. Omegle must be a bruising for the ego sometimes

Stranger: yes

You: But it's okay, dear stranger, for I too like to poop!

Stranger: since i belive you are on my level i must ask you another question

You: I also like to pee

Stranger: good

Stranger: doth thou own a blog?

You: yes. multiple.

Stranger: brotheren

You: we are ekin

Stranger: it is thous mission to spred the word of poop

Stranger: and how we enjoy to get it out of us

You: I will do my humble best to spread the mission.

You: Everyone must know how wonderful bowel movements feel

Stranger: i have handed you the virtual cup of knowledge

Stranger: i hope yee can handle it

Stranger: take care of it with thy life

You: I will do my best. It's a large cup, but I think tis doable

You: I will handle it with my life

Stranger: good marrows brotheren

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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Aug. 7th, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
You inspired me,
so while the baby sleeps on me I watched this happen:

Question to discuss:
Why are we here?

Stranger 2: Cus you typed in www.omgele.com into your thingy

Stranger 1: Cuz I wuv u!!! :)

Stranger 2: liar.

Stranger 1: U don't no tht!!!!

Stranger 2: Yes. Yes i do.

Stranger 1: Prove it

Stranger 2: I just did it.

Stranger 1: Whteva don't believe tht I clearly luv you!!!

Stranger 2: You clearly don't. You do not know me.

Stranger 1: Yea I lyed your rite y wood I luv u anyway? Who wood?

Stranger 2: No one would, and why do you not use normal english?

Stranger 1: Cuz I don't feel like it

Stranger 2: Very well.

Stranger 1 has disconnected
Aug. 8th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
Re: You inspired me,
Stranger 1's typing is painful. I'm with Stranger 2 on this.
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