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Night of Writing Dangerously: It's on

Today something great happened. As you may recall, I've been fundraising to attend NaNoWriMo's Night of Writing Dangerously over the past few weeks. Attendees have to raise $250 to get in the door, and all the money raised through the page supports the Office of Letters and Light, NaNoWriMo's parent nonprofit organization.

Well, thanks to the wonderful donors to my fundraising page, I reached the magical $250. Okay, the full amount was really $250 when rounded up to the nearest dollar, but not all my donors knew that since my fundraising page rounds the amount raised up to the nearest dollar. I threw a few bucks toward my own page to make absolutely sure I was above the minimum before filling out my RSVP form.

So thank you, donors. Thank you so much for supporting creative writing and for indulging in my desire to make this year's NaNo the best one yet. I'm not finished yet, though. For every $100 above the minimum $250 raised I'll add an element of my Twitter icon (see icon) into my outfit.

This means I need to get to work on the order of the outfit elements. When that's decided I'll edit my fundraising page to reflect that.

Thank you so much for your support, whether you donated or shook your head at my word count. Here's to the best November yet!
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