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Late-night musings

Late-night musings are good times for random thoughts. Here are some of the things that came up last night.

> I finally have an idea for my Nanowrimo novel! I'm not giving it away yet, as it's June and Nanowrimo doesn't start until November, but let's say that I stumbled upon the idea a few weeks ago while Wiki-hopping and forgot about it until last night around 11 pm.

> Xanga is finally beginning to lose its Xang. Yes, I know the proper syllabification is Xan-ga, but whoever heard of something losing its Xan? It sounds like an oriental suntan. [Hey, I can talk. I'm half-Korean.] I think there are two phrases to Xanga: the Xang and the A [pronounced "uh"]. Everything blogging goes well during Xang. During the Uh, you get tired of it and consider shutting the site down. I've actually been updating Fane less often, but I'm keeping the site open just so I can leave comments on other Xangas. Funny, that's why I started it in the first place.

> I chased down a hunter in the vampire game and actually made it to a bank in time to cash in. Sweet. Note to self: actually have map out while playing, preferably the one from this site.

> I called academic advising at Agnes yesterday and found out that I'm exempt from freshman English because of my PSO English classes. My calculus is yet to be determined because the lady who determines all this stuff wanted to talk to one of the math professors after hearing that I wanted to take more math...

> Those of you who already have schedules for your first semester are making me nervous. We make course preferences by the end of June, but we don't actually register for classes until we are on campus in August. Specifically, the end of August. That means over two months. This is very taxing.

> Four AM is the darkest hour of the day. Literally and figuratively.
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