Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Nanowrimo 2002 word counts, now in more detail

While I have my journals out, I'm doing a detailed word count of my 2002 Nano according to my paper journal.

1 Nov, 4:04pm: 1015
2 Nov, 12:21pm: 1701
3 Nov, morning: 2662
3 Nov, evening: 5218
4 Nov, afternoon: 5218
5 Nov, morning: 7084
5 Nov, afternoon: 7084
6 Nov, morning: 7774
7 Nov, morning: 7774
10 Nov, morning: 10541
10 Nov, evening: 12372
12 Nov, morning: 12372
15 Nov, morning: 12372
17 Nov, morning: 12372
18 Nov, afternoon: 14000+ (notes: "I don't remember the exact amount, but it's over 14,000." Also, "10,000 words behind! Ack!" Actually, more than that.)
19 Nov, 1:15pm: 15531 (Note: This was when the thought to quit passed my mind. It is a very good thing I didn't.)
20 Nov, morning: 16344
22 Nov, morning: 16344
24 Nov, evening: 17307
1 Dec: 50037

And I didn't write in Dr. Nbook during the last week because I was writing. If I could find the post with my old blog's word counts (specifically during the last week), I'd update that, but I can't, so this will have to stay as is.
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