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2011 goal update and 2012 goals

It's time for me to start writing more regularly again. I know, I know. So to get started let's take a look at my post-NaNo 2010 goals (which rougly align with 2011) and how I did on them.

1. Get a job.
Well, I'm doing things that I get paid for. I count this as a win enough, though I wouldn't complain about more.
2. Move out.
3. Adhere to my 2011 Writing Schedule of Doom. See below for that schedule.
3a. Do Jannowrimo, NaNoEdMo, Script Frenzy, the Three-Day Novel Contest, and NaNoWriMo.
Check! I even squeezed in a Camp NaNoWriMo session to boot.
3b. Complete at least one more version of my first 2009 novel and my first 2010 novel.
Not so check! I did finish another draft of my first 2009 novel and adapted my first 2010 novel for Script Frenzy, but not much progress has been made on those.
4. Go to NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously.
Check check check check check check check!
5. Read at least 25 books that I haven’t read before.
I upped this goal to 30 on GoodReads, a goal I probably won't reach this year. I'm at 23, I think. I foresee a last-minute reading binge.
6. Pursue whatever direction in life I decide to go.
Still figuring this one out.
7. Make Wikiwrimo the best source for NaNo-related info.
Considering Wikiwrimo got featured on the NaNo homepage right after site launch, I think this is a win.

Now for the post-NaNo 2011 goals, which are roughly 2012 goals.

0. Get a more stable job or at least turn what I'm doing now into a stable business.
1. Rewrite the first 2010 NaNo.
2. Do some kind of physical activity every day. (I've been doing well on this so far, believe it or not.)
3. Launch the first Wikiwrimo Writing Month (February!). I'm writing the page for this right now.
4. Be more social outside of NaNo. This may mean (gasp) interacting with non-Wrimos.
5. Get my finances straightened out.
6. Do Wikiwrimowrimo, NaNoEdMo, Script Frenzy, Three-Day Novel Contest, and NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll do a Camp NaNoWriMo session too if I come up with a plot. (Holy balls, my late winter/early spring is going to be ridiculous.)
7. Go on a date. Note that I said go on a date, not get in a relationship. I am perfectly okay with this one date goal.
8. Learn to cook better.
9. Install that home server. Also, if I do get a new laptop, finish The Longest Journey and install Linux From Scratch on the old one. Because I can. :D
10. Read 25 books I haven't read before.

That's my 2012. What about you?
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