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Hello there LJ. I am alive. It is February. I have some very affectionate terms (ha!) for this month, but so far February has been pretty good. It'll be even better this weekend with two They Might Be Giants/JoCo shows.

I'm still catching up on lots of things in Dr. Nbook, but at least I've caught up on the Nano stuff. Seriously, there's stuff from October I haven't written about yet. Oops.

February is Wikiwrimowrimo over at Wikiwrimo. Thirty article contributions in twenty-nine days. I'm ahead but only because I've been doing things I meant to do before February. Oops? Maybe I'll finish those and then get on to real contributing.

Probably the real reason I haven't updated is because there's so much to talk about and I haven't gotten around to writing everything down, along with the fact that I've been thinking a lot about the consequences of letting other sites host your content and the future of my journalling. More on that later, though. Truth be told the real stuff that hasn't been written down is from Octoberish, so maybe I should just start writing as if nothing happened.

So yes, I have lots of Thoughts About Things. More on them later, though. Time to tackle these ribs with a vengeance. I hear computer keyboards don't like barbeque sauce.

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