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A wild post appears! (or the real reason I was late to EWW)

Word count: 100043

Hi. Update on the whole love life thing and some other things too. (No, really. This was supposed to go up on the 12th. I started writing it after EWW. It did not go up then.)

Chris and I went to Atlanta Streets Alive and geocaching a couple of times in October, once in my neighborhood and again the next weekend to try to be first to find a cache. We missed being the first to find by a few hours, though. Sad. The second geocaching trip resulted in a lot of teasing and innuendos, which only turned into more teasing as the day went on. During the last geocache quest, we were both on our knees looking for the cache, and he jokingly pushed me back. This wound up pushing me back, and he helped me up, which led to more innuendos and flirting.

After finding the desired geocaches and stopping by a Wendy's for food, we went back to my place, where some fooling around commenced. We did talk a little after the fact, but honestly, this was more of a one-time thing. And I'm okay with that. He's also not a Wrimo (though he does think the idea is neat).

With that, on to Nano and my love life.

Paul is an Atlanta Wrimo who is a regular in the regional chat room, and we had gotten on well (in a friendly way) over the Internets. He showed up to the MARTA writein the first weekend of NaNo, showing up to Java Monkey before me. I passed him on the way in, put my order in, and walked back to the front to snag tables. It was nine, when the write-in was planned to start, and David said he was going to be late, but I didn't see anyone I knew there yet. When I walked back to the front as an attempt to claim tables, a guy with goggles and red headphones and a laptop looked up and asked if I was with NaNo.

Why yes, yes I was. And hello, cute person. We introduced ourselves (hello regular chat person!) and attempted to claim the couches in the front for our write-in. One woman was sitting there, and I managed to talk her into moving and letting us have the couches since we were expecting a group and she was expecting just one of her friends.

We wound up with seven at that write-in, and Paul and I definitely started catching each other's eye at that point, which continued throughout the day. We shared a big pot of tea at Zentea (we're both big tea fans), found ourselves talking a lot at the other write-ins, and he wound up going for sushi with David and Tia and another Wrimo we met at the write-in set that day. Yes, there were lots of sushi eating jokes. On the way back we talked about the idea of a Brick Store write-in and planned on doing so on Friday.

Well, Friday got moved to Saturday thanks to the Macon caravan writein at Tech, and we got flirty over the course of the week, which got interesting because neither of us took it to PM, so we couldn't get that obvious. At some point Paul asked me if I had invited anyone else. When I told him I hadn't yet, he proposed not having it as a write-in and having it as a time to hang out and take a break from writing. This was where I picked up that yes, he was asking me out, and I called him out on it. He replied that we could hang out and then I could decide afterward whether or not it was a date. Fair enough.

There was a lot of food talk throughout the week, and at some point talk of making a sandwich came up, and he said he would, if not on Friday (when he'd be coming to the Tech write-in) then on Sunday (where I talked him into going to EWW). He did in fact bring the sandwich on Friday; I reached the write-in venue around 6:15 and got a text from Tia saying she was at Tin Drum and I could join her if I liked. No one else was at that Starbucks yet, so I headed down the street and found Tia. By the time she got her food to go, just about everyone else at the write-in was setting up camp. Woot.

Paul did show up a little after seven with my sandwich. Grilled cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I've been looking for a really good grilled cheese since Andrew. By golly, I might have found one.

We wrote for awhile. Heather the forums mod beat me in a word war (though I did beat her in the two prior). She later started a shoutout thread for it. I am so amused at this. When the Starbucks closed we headed elsewhere on the Tech campus to write, where I discovered the wonders of a hot chocolate vending machine. I'm not kidding.

He and I wound up talking for most of this segment of the write-in instead of writing. Whoops? He took me home, we exchanged numbers, and that was that.

Until Saturday (the day after Friday, as a certain song has taught us). We wound up getting to Decatur around the same time and headed to Brick Store, where we got drinks and food and chattering the whole time before wandering around Decatur. He mentioned a moped shop nearby that I wasn't familiar with, so we walked around to there and back, which eventually led to arm-linking and hand-holding and his getting lost on the way back to where he parked (which I'm starting to suspect was intentional).

So where to next? Another bar was out since he had to drive eventually, but he had his laptop with him, so why not return to my place and write? This sounded like an excellent idea.

Spoiler alert: Not a single word got written.

I led him to the magnetic poetry set on the side of my fridge. This has become a thing for new people entering my place: make something perverted out of my magnetic poetry. He put "soon we" to start a sentence, and he pointed out that it had better implications than "soon I". I asked what kind of implications.

And then he kissed me.

One thing to point out: He is 6'6". Even though I'm certainly not short at 5'8" (which as we later discussed is above his shoulders and therefore an acceptable height), that's still a ten-inch difference in height, and it makes standing kisses difficult, as he pointed out. So we went to a chair, and when we discovered that it doesn't recline, I pointed out that yes, I do have a bed, so we retreated there, where the fun begins.

The night was punctuated by cuddles and middle of the night makeouts and more in the morning, followed by a trip to Waffle House where we became that pair. Yep. We stopped by Kroger on the way home to grab foodstuff so we could make something for Evening of Writing Wildly that evening and took a nap before making said foodstuffs. And uh, more stuff might have happened after that nap before we made the food and realized we were late to EWW. Whoops.

We did get there, though. I broke 70k there, ate a lot of yummy food, saw lots of wonderful Wrimos, saw Heather the forum mod god(dess) again (even though I just saw her on Friday), saw lots of other Wrimos, won some rubber ducks, didn't win any raffle prizes, and had a good old time. He left early since he had to work the next day (and someone called me out in chat PM for the kiss on the forehead), but David and Klepto and Tia and I went to write at my place for awhile after EWW ended.

And that's how I left singledom. He came over a couple of days later and I said, "So this ship is canon now, right?"

Yes, yes it is.

And that's part of why I've been so distracted this Nano and haven't been as ridiculous as usual. Heck, I failed miserably at 50k weekend this year and had several zero word days. It's a good thing I did 50k day again, yes (despite saying I wouldn't)? Especially considering the next 50k took 23 days to write?
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