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My journal title is appropriate, for I am going crazy.

Really, I think I am. I've been hearing trains lately. Agnes has the famous train next to the campus, and although it drove me crazy sometimes, I loved its soothing sound. Now I'm hearing it in my head, yet it sounds so real. I know it's not a real train since I live nowhere near a train.

Then this morning I was bent over in the bathroom shaving my legs (there's a mental image for you) when I heard a distant voice. It was crying out, "Sujin! Suuuuuuujiiiiin!" It was a vaguely familiar female voice, but I don't know who (or what) it was. Weird.

I probably am going crazy. Come visit me in the asylum, will you?
In other news, I have a fangirl! This one'll require a bit of backstory. Chainlink (from the Nanowrimo forums went to visit Skye, and this happened, as told by her (just scroll down a bit):

"So, when I was on my way to visit Skye, I wore my Nanowrimo shirt to the airport. I was approached by a lovely girl named Anna who told me that she's a Nanoer herself and she has a habit of lurking on the forums, specifically ones like these with their crazy conversations. I told her that, yay, those were my favorites too! Well, she started listing off some of the people that she secretly fangirled. I, of course, was at the top of her list, along with Skye, Sushi, Keolah, Blu and all of the other regulars.

We all have at least one fangirl, if not dozens -- hundreds, even! Isn't that neat? We're celebrities!"

So yes, I have a fangirl. Actually, I've been around Nanowrimo since there were forums (2002--wow). I'd say that makes me old, but Nano has been around since 1999, so maybe not quite so.

We all have a fangirl/fanboy, though. Some are more open about it than others.

P.S. Four months and one day until Nanowrimo!
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