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July family birthday party

The July family birthday party was yesterday. I should explain here that I'm trapped in a generation gap between the adults and the kids. It's odd because before this year, I was the one who would entertain the kids while the adults talked, argued, and watched television. With my absence, though, the kids have gotten used to entertaining themselves, and I'm floating somewhere between the kid stage and the adult stage. The kids don't want me with them, but the adults don't really want me with them either because they still see me as a kid. It's a weird feeling, but not an unusual one. It's actually quite typical for me.

Grandmother's bathroom nearly flooded yesterday. I was talking with the adults yesterday when (just after a friend of Mark's left the bathroom) I heard the sound of water dripping. I ignored it for a minute until Mum asked, "Is that water?"

"Yeah," I replied. "And it's coming from the bathroom." I got up and walked into the bathroom, only to be greeted by something squishy on the fluffy blue rug. Toilet water was creeping on Grandmother's bathroom rug.

"Grandmother?" I said. "Your bathroom's flooding."

Then Grandmother and Mum came in. I showed Grandmother where the leak was, and since for every n people that can fit in a room, I'm the n+1st person, I left to let them take care of it.
Also, I think Mum wants me to cook dinner tonight. She left a recipe at my seat at the table this morning. I looked around for the ingredients but couldn't find all of them. Personally, I'm hoping that she's going to pick them up on the way home, but I'm not holding my breath. I can't even find the meat, and that goes in first! Since I can hardly put together a full meal, this should be interesting. We'll see what happens.
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