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Black Cat Week!

Black Cat has started. Here are some things that stand out.

* Getting elections results a week before Black Cat started. That's right, we had only seven days to plan Black Cat. I'm class treasurer (I'll let you dream up the "money corrupts" role...mwahaha), so everyone had to come to Melinda (Black Cat Chief Chair; she lives on my floor) or to me to approve purchases before buying them. They also had to bring a receipt back in order to be repaid.

* Working the dues table over eating meals. While eating meals. Yes, this was difficult. I learned a lot about Excel (even more than I already know) during this time due to my obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

* Cutting out sword after sword after sword and having sword parties. (Shea and Caitlin were Party Day co-chairs. Our party was during dinner last night. Our theme was pirates. Yarr!)

* Congregating around the elevator asking people to cut out swords and pay class dues. (Finally, a perk to being right next to the elevator!)

* Waiting on the porch of Alston for the bell to ring. After it rang, we ran around the quad and Alston throwing yellow stuff around. I'm telling you, there is nothing like trashing the second most beautiful campus in the nation, according to Princeton Review. (Don't get that look! We still have to clean it up!) In case you're wondering, the famous Screaming Chicken is sitting at the top of the stairs of Alston.

* Asking random people at the elevators for duct tape and cube-shaped boxes. We were getting Kali to contort for our party day. I returned from dinner on Monday night to find Kali outside my bedroom door in a box. I thought it was a thing--until the thing moved. "We need a cube," she told me. I got a 2x2x2 cube-shaped box (Shea's and my room has turned into a storage closet over the past week) and we gave it a try. She got in there. She fit. Then she did an interpretive dance and broke the box on the way out. So we decided to reinforce the box or find another (non-cardboard) box. It went something like this:

Me: Do you have any duct tape?
Random Girl:
Me: Well, do you have a cube we can stuff Kali in?
[All except Random Girl laugh because we get the joke]
Random Girl: I thought only the seniors got drunk during Black Cat.

We finally got duct tape from Courtney and reinforced the box.

* Speaking of the party, we had Quarters at the party, only with ginger ale and root beer. Let's just say I'm terrible at that game when I'm sober. I think guys practice that game so they can be really good at it when they're drunk. Someone (I can't remember now and I don't want to misattribute) came over there after my seventh quarter has missed the glass. I started laughing as I drank my seventh Dixie cup of ginger ale. "No frat parties for you, Sujin," she said. "You're scaring me now."

* Trivia night! I discovered that Renu knows more random knowledge than I do. (Seriously, she helped us kick some sophomore and junior butt last night; we placed second to the seniors.) I did know the math questions (of course), and there was a question on Kierkegard that I got because of Eric's PRs. It went something like this:

[All look at screen, reading question]
Melinda: I think it's A. (Some of the really hard ones were multiple choice.)
Me: No, it's not A. (Even I knew that.) It might be D; a friend of mine reads this kind of stuff, and this name has popped up before.
[A bit more conversation, my continued insisting that the answer was indeed D, and Melinda's writing it down just before the music stopped.]

And now I'm off to write an anthro paper, get ready for a philosophy disputation (against cultural relativism), writing a summary of a Victor Hugo poem, and redoing my math homework...all before Field Day on Friday!
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