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It's 10:21am. I just woke up, ate breakfast, discovered that Goldfish crackers are made of smiles (I'll never think of them the same way again), spilled blueberry yogurt on myself, took a shower, and checked my e-mail. Trillian told me I didn't have any mail, which was shocking in itself since spam mail likes to wiggle its way into my inbox during the night. I checked anyway.

Trillian was right. No new messages. Not even any spam mail.

Now I'm getting a little paranoid, maybe because I haven't checked my mail in twelve hours and this has NEVER happened before. Well, not recently. It makes me wonder if anyone has broken into my account, but I wasn't expecting anything today except maybe LJ comments and random newsletters.

*checks trash folder* Nope, the only messages there are the ones I deleted yesterday, so nobody broke in. Whew. This is a really good sign.
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