Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Back-to-school sales

Back-to-school sales rock my world.

That's right. The schools around here start back sometimes in early August. I'm serious. This means that the back-to-school sales are beginning. Since I'm the person who can live in a school supply store, this is the second-best time of year (hmm, wonder what the best is?). I inhale the smell of crayons, I drool over the stacks of notebooks, and I dig through the pens for just the right ones. Today I bought a box of spiral notebooks (24) for $2.40. Awesome. I'll be raiding the pens before long. I finished the super thick ink pens, but the ones I'm using now are even worse. They're regular ball-point pens, which I can (usually) tolerate. These pens, though, just don't write well. I can't get my writing to look right with them. Of course, I could be adjusting to the hexagonal shape of this pen, so I'm overholding the pen as an adjustment. Maybe I need one of those grips for the pen so I won't hold the pen so hard; after all, I already hold my pen funny1.

Oh dear. What would Freud say about that?

In other news, all is well around here. I tamed the beasts that are my eyebrows today after a ridiculously long hiatus, bought the ingredients for my stew on Wednesday, wrote a bit, read a bit, and rediscovered my love of Disney music.

P.S. How much is inside? (mustard, silly string, and more!)

1The pen leans against my ring finger instead of on the middle finger like most people hold their pens, and I have the bump on the finger to prove it.
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