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My reply to a post in mathematics, or why I like math so much


Some non-mathematically inclined people have been taught that problems in math (from their experience) have one and only one solution that can be obtained by the "plug and chug" method. As we know so well, though, this method fails over time. I've discovered that the more I learn about math, the less I know about it. It's an adventure of sorts. I often start by introducing long-unsolved (or still unsolved!) problems that non-mathematicians can understand: Goldbach's Conjecture, Fermat's Last Theorem, Continuum Hypothesis (this one requires a little background, but not much), and so on. There's no plug-and-chug method for finding these solutions. It involves exploring previously unknown areas, making your own mark, a willingness to go beyond what you already know without a clutch--just like in any other area of life. When you do, though, the abstractness is beautiful.
In other news, tonight I shall attempt cooking a full meal for the first time. I should probably start slicing and dicing those onions. Remember, Sujin, they're not made of smiles. They're NOT made of smiles.

To the kitchen!
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