Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Headaches, pens, and vampire numbers, oh my!

I've had a near-permanent headache over the past few days. It's a bit odd, really, but it's more annoying than odd since I've been mostly reading, writing, and web-surfing (don't give me that look; I wanted parallel structure) in that time. Oh well. It'll go away eventually. I'd take something for it except I don't like swallowing any more pills than I have to.

Also, I bought some new pens today. No, I wasn't out of pens. I was just so sick and tired of the pens I was using (even though I have two left, and even though the other pack of pens is a bit more promising, I still wanted something different) that I needed something different. So I bought some Pilot G2 gel pens today. Wow. They were worth every cent I paid for them (around $4 for a pack of four, I believe). They're not quite as heavenly as the super-fine Uniball pens, but I can't find small packs of those anymore. I may have to go to Office Depot and buy a box of them. These pens are almost as good, though, plus they have a grip on them. *squee* The only thing is that they're the clicky pens, and we all know that I'm really annoying with a clicky pen.

Oh, Nell showed me this today. Vampire numbers. How cool are they?

Caitlin, sorry for writing so much during you Compy hiatus! *hides*
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