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In the vampire game, it's tradition not to bite, rob, or otherwise attack people in the graveyard. Apparently, some people don't know this. Here's what happened while I was resting in the graveyard.

neske says "Those who know others are wise; those who know themselves are enlightened. Those who overcome others are powerful; those who overcome themselves are strong. Those who do not lose their place endure; those who die without perishing live long."
Michaela stole 11 coins from you.
Viz79 stole 173 coins from you.
darkvenom says "My apologies, i forgot where i was."
darkvenom gave you 50 coins.
darkvenom stole 10 coins from you.
Your blood has been drunk by: Sharingan, Lianlin, Lior, Dragonheart, ConnorMcCloud, BlackFire418, asheaveniswide.

Well, at least two people remembered. That quote from neske is interesting, though. I'll have to second-sight him and find him.
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