Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

A conversation with Nat

Challenge 001 in wrimore starts tomorrow (or tonight at midnight, I guess). So I need a plot.

Hey, Nat?
*turns around* Yes?
I need an idea for wrimore. It kind of starts tomorrow.
I'm busy. Come back later
Busy? You're just *trying* to write!
But the zombies are about to take over the world and there's only one spray gun left among the entire human race! Leave me alone. I need to concentrate. *sips java*
Will you leave the bloody zombies alone and help me out for once, Nat! You've been in my life for almost five years, and all you do is sip coffee and write your own novels without sprinkling inspiration in my life! For once just help me! Please?
But Sujin, this is what muses *do*.

This is exactly why I don't pester Nat too much.
Tags: conversations, nat, wrimore

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