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wrimore word count: 6144 words

Halfway there! On a completely unrelated note, though, I cooked dinner tonight. Jeffrey kept telling me that it was just "all right" instead of really good (and it was!). He's just biased against my cooking, really. I kept reminding him that I had a blister in a very convenient place to prove it. After cutting four potatoes for mashed potatoes and an onion and a bell pepper for the steak, and after holding my knife against my middle finger, the blister started to form. It's a bit hard to type now, but oh well. I still have about 700 words to type before calling it a day. I'd love to make that 1000 more words just for the nice round 7000 words, but we'll see.

Ever realized that when you should be doing something, so many other things look more appealing? For instance, I want to write right now. In fact, I've reached a really interesting point, and the way this story's going, it'll definitely be longer than 12,000 words. (Look at that. I just hit ctrl-s. It becomes habit after awhile.) However, suddenly finishing the HP series (I've been putting it off for writing), redoing my userinfo, editing Wikipedia, and other sundries sound much more exciting at the moment. Maybe it's because the blister on my finger makes it so hard to type and move a mouse. The middle finger is such a convenient yet an inconvenient location for a blister.
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