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Wikipedia WTF?

First, the happy. Today is Mum and Dad's twenty-second wedding anniversary, as I mentioned yesterday. Today's also Harry Potter's twenty-sixth birthday (assuming he lives through the series, of course) and JK Rowling's 41st birthday. So happy birthday!

Second, the WTF moment. I was doing my usual edits of Wikipedia, and I checked my watch page to see what had been edited recently. I scrolled down. My usual seventy-something articles were there, but I saw an unfamiliar article. Moby Dick. I went to the article to see if "watch" or "unwatch" was on there. Sure enough, I wasn't watching the article. Hrm. So I checked the technical section of the village pump, and there was a section on page-watching, but it was just an old familiar page that redirected to the new familiar page. Not bothersome, just weird, especially since I nearly fell asleep during what little of Moby Dick I read.

Okay, a translation for you non-Wikipedians out there. Watching articles is sort of like adding someone to your friends list--you see when updates are made and everything. I didn't add Moby Dick to my watch list, so I was rather surprised when I saw it there. When I went to the article to see if I had added the article, the article said "No, you idiot, you didn't add it!" So I went to the village pump (which is sort of like Support on LJ, I guess) to see if anyone else had noticed the same thing. An old page of one user had changed its name (which in LJ-ese is buying a rename token), so all the user would get is a redirect (automatic forwarding).

Whew. Glad that's over.

The bad is that Uncle Bob has cancer. Jeffrey found out today since he was at Justin's, and Justin goes to Uncle Bob's church. Now Uncle Bob is one of Granddaddy's younger brothers, and he was among the ones who enjoyed bragging on me when I was younger. (He still does, really, but that's besides the point.) I used to tell him to stop, too, because it annoyed me so much. I wonder now why I did that. Perhaps it was because I didn't enjoy hearing my family's unrealistic expectations over and over again.

I don't know how far along he is or what type it is yet. Jeffrey called Mum, who called Grandmother, who's probably finding out about it now. So when I find out more, I'll post more.
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