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Power Outage

The power went out for about an hour and a half tonight. During this time I read about a chapter of Goblet of Fire by window light, ate a Klondike bar by candlelight, and wrote in Dr. Nbook by candlelight. I had actually written quite a bit before Mum asked me if I wanted more light, i.e. the other candle. The one that was flickering like mad. I told her no because my desk is covered with papers (seriously, it's the messy part of my room), and I didn't want anything to catch on fire, especially in the dark when the power was out and the fire alarm wouldn't go off. She told me that she was going to bed, which was why she was asking.

So I took my drugs and took my candle back to my room. Just as I was entering the hall before my room, the nightlights flickered, and everything was back on again. Hooray! The experience did make me think of how we rely on electricity and other modern conveniences. I just outlined everything I use in a typical morning, and ... wow. Just wow.

Remember I mentioned Uncle Bob and his cancer yesterday? Well, I found out today that it's in his bladder and colon, and that he's refusing treatment. He's having an MRI and a CT scan in the next two days to see if it's spreading, but either way, he doesn't want treatment.

Oh, and go do my Mad Lib in the last entry. It's fun! The results will be out in a few days, probably at the end of the week.
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