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I still can't be bothered to write for some reason. That's right, I've probably been beaten in the wrimore challenge, but oh well. It's not the end of the world. I still have my 12k, and it's not too much further until the end of the story if I hurry.

I have that problem quite a bit. I can push a deadline, but I can't motivate myself to work after that. It's not a problem at all when I have 23432 other things going on, when I'm working myself until the last minute. When I have nothing else to do, and when I have all day to work on it, though, it's a big problem. You'd think I would actually work on it, but I don't. I have a weird motivational system. I think this is why I stay so busy all the time. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an equal yet opposite force. See, science class did help me.

Plus keeping busy and doing what I love helps me keep my mind off other things. Getting cabin fever isn't helping matters much. Grah.

In other news, Jeffrey's new saxophone was supposed to come in today, but it didn't. Since both of us were home all day, and neither of us saw a FedEx truck, he called them late this afternoon to ask, especially since the order said that the package came in but nobody was home to sign for it. Now it was possible that the driver went to the wrong road since there's a drive, a road, and a lane for my street name all in the same tiny town. This didn't appear to be the case (in fact, we didn't find out what really happened), but the lady on the phone did ask Jeffrey if we had our address number on our house. We do, but it's on the far side. There are four doors that we can theoretically use to get in the house, although we use only two of them since the house is a duplex made into one house. Our house number is actually on the far side, while the main living side--the near side--has no number at all. So Jeffrey went outside and wrote the number over the duct tape in Sharpie in the hopes that his saxophone will come tomorrow.

Also, I read a fair bit of Goblet of Fire today. I'm about to start the maze. If I read like mad tomorrow, I should be starting Phoenix then.

P.S. I woke up at 3am today and couldn't get back to sleep for at least three hours. Luckily I went back to sleep, but I didn't wake up again until eleven. So much for starting out the day productively.
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