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I finished Goblet of Fire today and started Order of the Phoenix. Jeffrey's saxophone came in right after Mum got off the phone with someone from FedEx (the second call to them today alone). Of course, Jeffrey wasn't even there at the time, preferring to go hang out with his friends instead of waiting for it. He had asked me to wait, and he thought I had gotten mad at him because of his insistence that I wait. That wasn't why I was irritated at him; I was just irritated because he had interrupted me while I was reading. As we all know so well, one should never interrupt me while I'm reading. Or writing. Or doing math. Or editing Wikipedia. Or doing grammar. Or any combination of the above. Any interruption will result in snapping--and that's if you're lucky.

See, I'm normally a reasonably gentle person (or so I think). I just get really into what I'm doing, and when I'm interrupted, I get irritated because my line of thought is interrupted. Getting back into the same zen-like state of thought isn't easy, though, which is probably why I avoid such interruptions in the first place.

Maybe this is why I try to avoid interrupting people--just to avoid yanking them out of their thoughts. Of course, not everyone walks around with a cloud of thought around their heads, so there's not much to yank them out of. If that's the case, what am I waiting for?
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