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The world of books

I got a haircut today. Good-bye, some six inches of hair! There's a perk to having a hairstylist in the family: discounts. Discounts are good; after all, I still need to look on eBay and such for my books before school starts. I love the smell of fresh books, but why on earth do textbooks have to be so expensive? Not just books from the bookstore, but textbooks in general. I love opening a book and feeling the fresh pages, breaking them in, even the difficulty that comes with turning the page for the first time. Books call for me; it's a natural call, much more natural than calls from other humans, which feel rehearsed and artificial. And I answer the call, not just because I want to, but because I need to. Books and I need each other; books add one more piece to the puzzle in progress called life. I attach myself to these books and to the characters within, sometimes more than I do to people I know outside the books. The world of literature envelops me. In it I am safe.

P.S. If you find a human that fits the above description, let me know.
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