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Rage Against the Uterus

So I started my period this afternoon. Since I don't have an ample supply of Sprite in the house, and since I was too lazy to dig up the heating pad, I was using alternative means to keep my uterus from taking over my body. It was doing a decent job too, what with all those contractions meant to make the job go by faster. Actually, the uterus is just a minion in this takeover, and the ovaries are forcing it to do the dirty work. Bloody minions. I should really be worried about what the ovaries are planning because they're the real brains of this operation. With a uterus, a pair of fallopian tubes and ovaries and who-knows-how-many unfertilized eggs, the female reproductive system could take over the world.

Right now I'm visualizing the egg in the playground, and it's going down the slide that is my cervix, and being proud to be unfertilized. Honestly, the eggs are the masses in this takeover, not me. They don't know what they're getting into when they decide to go on their adventures every month. I'm visualizing a bright red shirt with an egg on it that says "Unfertilized and proud".

Wow. I should be a sex ed teacher.

For those who didn't want to read what the title implies, it's safe to read now. I have another entry ready, all thanks to the changes my high school has made since I graduated. That'll come tomorrow, though. I don't feel like typing it all out tonight.
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