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I finished reading Half-Blood Prince today. Compared to last summer's two read-throughs in two days, during which I cried a river, I was relatively calm during the last few chapters, managing to choke up only twice. It's not the death itself that makes me choke up; the aftereffects and the reactions make me react in many of the same ways that the characters would.
I amuse myself. Late this afternoon I was writing in the backseat of the car with the door open. I had been writing for about half an hour when it started to rain, so I closed Dr. Nbook and went back in the house. Safe in my room again, I reopened Dr. Nbook to the same page.

The raindrops looked more like teardrops. Considering the context (which wasn't exactly the happiest thing in the world, but not devastating at the same time), the teardrop explanation wouldn't have been completely out of line, but I just had to write in the margin that those drops really were raindrops.

Yes, yes. I do amuse myself.
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