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Liar Meme Results

Some of you may remember this poll that attempted to turn me into a compulsive liar. So... how did you do? Just in case you want to play but haven't yet, the results are behind the cut, along with the truth statuses of each. Wow, I sound like Snopes. It increases the suspense...or something.

My first attempt at a novel was about a girl who wanted more than anything to be a fairy. She finally discovered her inner talent as a fairy through a magical book. Unfortunately, I abandoned this novel after two chapters.
False. However, this does have a few elements of truth in it. I did abandon my first attempt at a novel after two chapters; however, it was about something completely different. Come to think of it, it was rather boring. The writerly autobiography will be up in a few days, so you'll find out.

I kept my hair long for years, even though my family hated it. They insisted that short hair would be easier to take care of, but I fought back in keeping long hair. I finally compromised in high school with my short hair/long hair cycle.
False. Once again, there are some elements of truth. I did keep my hair long for years, but my family loved it. I was the one who wanted to get my hair cut. I did go through the short hair/long hair cycle in high school; it was rather fun. Seriously, I got about a foot of hair cut off after I graduated, but now I'm sticking with shorter hair. It looks better. (They also talked me into getting my hair curled when I was about nine. I did it. NEVER again, I tell you. Of course, it doesn't help that my hair is naturally straight and doesn't hold curl that well.)

I thought about writing my college application essay about NaNoWriMo, but abandoned that idea in favour of something more original and even more me. After all, who would want to hear about how I wrote half my first novel in five days?
False. Only one thing false here, though: I really did. And I got in. During my scholarship interview at Agnes, the interviewers actually asked me about writing and Nano. It was a fun time.

I took the SAT in seventh grade as part of the Duke TIP Talent Search and was extremely disappointed to see that I scored not even 300 points higher when I took it again in high school.
True. Ah yes, here's the true one. Since half of you voted for it, it shows that I'm a terrible liar. No, I'm not talking a 1300 to 1600 jump (or close enough. It was actually 1020 to 1300.

I used to be a dancer; in fact, I was planning to go to a special dance school at the age of nine. Then I broke my right leg and had complications in the healing. My legs are fine now; they're just not suited for professional dancing.
False. Well, I'm glad to see nobody voted for this one because it's one of the flat-out lies. Of course, it would explain a few things if it were true, like why I'm so clumsy.

When I was nine, I rescued a baby bird whose mother had been killed by the dog next door from Grandmother's backyard. I took care of it until it could fly on its own.
False. Here's the other flat-out lie, but this one apparently came off as more convincing since two people voted for it. The people who live next door to Grandmother did have a rather vicious dog until he died, though. His name was Max, and Jeffrey, our next-door neighbours, and I would fear for our childlike lives when Max's fence broke.

So there you have it.
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