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The Nowhere-Near-Complete Link Dump

I was looking through my bookmarks recently, and I just realized something. I have a lot of them. Since I've had this computer for just over a year, that means I've accumulated all these bookmarks in the past year(ish). No matter what this says about my procrastination skills, it does say that there is a risk that one day I very well may lose these bookmarks. It also says that someone out there may enjoy the bookmarks as much, if not more, than I do.

Now some of these links aren't in my bookmarks because I access them so often they're in my "last few accessed" links. I'm putting them here anyway, though, on the off chance that I lose them too.

So here we go. The Universal Link Dump. Because sometimes fifty links just aren't enough.

Last updated 29 September 2006

Within LiveJournal
Note: You must be logged in to access some of these. I've included these mostly for my own convenience, but you may find them handy too.
Update the LJ. You know you want to.
Your Friends' Birthdays
Offsite LJ Status report
Admin Console
Latest Public Posts
Find a random LJ! (You never know what you'll find. You have been warned.)
Six Degrees of LiveJournal (on-site) : An off-site version is in my userinfo
Recent Support Touches

ASC Stuff
Some of this stuff won't be very useful for the non-Agnes folk, but it's more for my own reference than for anyone else's.
ASC Official website
ASC e-mail
AscAgnes (You'll get redirected, but it's there)
ASC Math Department

Harry Potter
JK Rowling's Official Website
The Floo Network, consisting of
- The Leaky Cauldron (news)
- Leaky Forum
- Harry Potter Lexicon (anything canon)
- JKR Interview Archive
- JKR Quotes by Topic
- HP Galleries
- Pottercast, podcast by The Leaky Cauldron
MuggleNet (news, et cetera)
MuggleCast, podcast by MuggleNet
Leaky Mug, PotterCast/MuggleCast joint podcasts
Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator

Math Stuff
Andrej and Elena's Collection of Math Jokes
Mathematics Genealogy Project
Search the first 200,000,000 digits of pi.
The Prime Pages, a resource by the University of Tennessee at Martin
Furman UniversityMathematical Quotations Server
Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Number Spirals and their properties
Typing Math in HTML
The Klein Four, a group of mathemusicians. (Yes, this could also go in Nerdity, and it's there in my bookmarks, but math is a subset of nerdity.)
Prime Number Shitting Bear. Yes, I'm serious. I left it on for hours at a time. I think it got to around a million before Compy restarted in the middle of the night.

General Nerdity
The Nerdiness Manifesto
Slashdot. News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
Jeopardy! archives
Thinkgeek: Find the perfect gift for the geek in your life (like me!).
How to find a gift for the geek or nerd in your life. (It's on Wikihow, but it was so original and well-written that I had to link it here.)
Code of the Geeks
All Your Base Are Belong To Us: The beginning of the phenomenon
Slide Rule Universe
Astronomy Picture of the Day

French Language
Académie Française (in French)
History of the French Language (in French)
Easy French Poetry Podcast (site in English, podcast in French)
French grammar, culture, audio, common mistakes, and more. One of the most comprehensive sites I've found on the language.
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links, powered by above-mentioned UT Martin
French Math Vocabulary. Yes, it could go under Math, but the only math involved is the vocabulary.

Grammar, Linguistics, and Other Languages
Plain English Campaign
The American's Guide to Speaking British
The Phrontistery: Obscure Words Galore
OneLook : Search Many Dictionaries at Once!
Wheelock's Latin: The Musical! You'll understand this if you're familiar with this book.
Bushisms. Because it had to be done.
Omniglot: Writing systems and languages of the world.
Number Systems of the world. Yes, this could technically go under math, but since it's a comparison of the number systems, it goes better under here.
Oxford Dictionaries Website
Bartleby. Enough said.

National Novel Writing Month. Enough said.
The Evil Overlord List. Yes, it's in Writing. That's because you can use it as a checklist for the evil overlord of your choice.
Synonyms for 'said'.
The Mary Sue Litmus Test
Zokutou tools, including a word meter, a random word generator, a generic writing marathon report card, and more.
The snowflake method for writing
Fifty tools to help you in writing. I haven't read all of them yet, but they look really good so far.

General Academia
Trends in Grade Inflation
Citation Machine for MLA and APA format
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page: A minefield of resources on gifted education
Google Scholar: Search for articles easily

Uncyclopedia, a parody of Wikipedia
PB Wiki, Free Wikis for everyone
Homestar Runner Wiki do anything!

Mancala. Play against the computer!
Rubik's Cubes. Choose from nine varieties!</a>
Four-dimensional Rubik's Cube. Warning: Have LOTS of mice ready. You'll need them.
Guess the peg sequence chosen by the computer. It's sort of like Lingo, only with pegs.
Sudoku. Choose your difficulty level, and a puzzle will appear.
Vampires! The Dark Alleyway. Point, click, done. For the day, that is.

YouTube: For just about anything I haven't referenced in this section
Albino Black Sheep
Homestar Runner
How to kill a mockingbird
The Llama Song
The Gamma Song (parody of the Llama Song)
Badger Badger Badger
Potter Potter Potter (parody of Badger Badger Badger)
YTMND. This just has to be here.
Potter Puppet Pals

Slogan generator: Word in, slogan out.
Church Sign Generator
Movie Clapperboard Generator
Random Number Generator
Chuck Norris Fact Generator
Vin Diesel Fact Generator
Romantic Poetry Generator

Snopes: Urban Legends Compiled
Exit Mundi: Collection of End of the World theories
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Godchecker: Your Guide to the Gods
How much is inside?
Rejection Line
Learn Dvorak with a Qwerty keyboad
10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed
Why the author will never have a girlfriend: a mathematical approach
Anti-Telemarketing Script
What should I read next?
Quirkyalone: Not dating for the sake of dating

And this is just a sample of the more amusing/useful links. Some of them are in my bookmarks because I need them to read over once and then I could dump them forever.

Now it's your turn. I know this list is nowhere near exhaustive of places I visit. So if I forgot something, or if you just want to recommend a place for me (and for everyone else!) to visit, leave it here. If I really did forget it, or if I just really like it, I'll add it. If a link doesn't work, let me know. As usual, I take no responsibility for the contents of the site (not even the wikis, even though I've edited a fair few Wikipedia articles).

Don't be caught wasting time unproductively!
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