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I've been feeling a bit down lately for some reason. One would think that I should be very happy since I'm going back to Agnes next week, and I am--not just because I get to leave this place, either. I think it's because I can relate to Harry's feeling at Hogwarts: he feels at home at Hogwarts; I feel at home at Agnes.

I've felt a bit unwanted by the world around me. When I respond to something nicely, I get a snappy reply, and sometimes I'm lucky to get a response at all. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking out my frustrations out on them, but it's the only way to make my voice heard. After all, my voice is about to die from lack of use. Expect a voice post in the near future. The situation is getting desperate. I'm glad the summer is almost over.

Also, communication barriers have been building their ways around me, and these walls provide no ways for me to climb them. I think I've lost my ability to communicate with others, and my attempts to break these barriers are failing. This is a sad day.
In more positive news, the literary pirates have been mating. While I haven't been writing fairy tales, I have been writing just about everything else, hence the recent Explosion of Real Content. This must be their mating season. Personally, I'm hoping for an extended season, but these pirates are rather unpredictable.
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