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I started packing for the return trip to Agnes today. A huge box and a half later, I didn't realize I had so much stuff, not to mention that there was some stuff that I never even unpacked when I came back in May because I never needed it in the first place.

Today I learned that Mum gives me less credit than I deserve. I called in my medicine for a refill this morning, not remembering until I noticed that someone had moved it from its usual place in front of my spot at the table. I shrugged it off, thinking that maybe I left it there last night. Then Mum came home. I told her that I had called in my medicine, but she told me that she had already called it in because she thought I'd forget. *facepalm* And of course, the entire call-in refill system is automated, so nobody noticed. Oh well. We straightened it out.
Today when I was packing, I realized that I had forgotten to pack my special mug, the one I painted during Orientation last year. Actually, I didn't remember until Mum came home and asked me if I had packed cups and such. I nearly knocked her out of the doorway as I ran to the cabinet to grab my special mug. That reminds me; I haven't packed the caffeinated mug either.

So... is there anything I'm forgetting? Throw stuff at me. I'll tell you whether I've packed it or not. *gets out notepad*
Also, I think literary pirate mating season is ending. This saddens me. It was a really good run, though. Lots of little pirate babies were created. How long is the pirate gestation period, anyway?
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