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Packing Notes to Self (because we all know I'll forget once I'm at Agnes)

Dear Sujin,

Your Latin dictionary and your MLA guide are in your laptop case. [Yes, I have a desktop and a laptop. Lappy's mostly for my writing, while Compy's for writing and everything else. I think Lappy gets jealous since he's not as sexy.] French dictionary the first, Spanish dictionary, and Elements of Style are in your goody box. French dictionary the second and Harry Potter books are in the silver box. English dictionary and Chapter Zero are in the gold box. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy set is in the brown box. Your other math books are in Clunky.

The Rubik's cube is in the blue mug. The Slinky hasn't been packed yet. The jewelry is in... the bowl, and the nail polish is in the silver box. The silly putty is in my black office box. That's everything of real importance, yes?


P.S. Can someone remind me of this entry on Thursday? Please?
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