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Last spam of the day. I promise.

(It could be worse. It could be three entries of meme!spam. Of course, some people would consider this worse because it's actually something to read, unlike most of the stereotypical LJ population. That leads to another thing I've been thinking about, but that'll come once I get back to Agnes. So will something else that requires my big dictionary, but I've already packed it. I could always Onelook them, but oh well.)

I called myself a genius twice today. Now I don't call myself a genius that often, especially since I'm not one to throw words around, literally or figuratively. However, today I did just that.

The first time really was a moment of genius. I was trying to figure out how on earth I was going to pack my math books, my bedspread, another towel, and assorted sundries without getting yet another box out. Then it hit me. I went on an overnight trip last year, the Emerging Leaders retreat in February. That was a pain to pack for, for I used just a backpack and a small bag. A rolling bag would make that a lot easier. A minute later, I emerged out of my closet with Clunky.

It worked. I packed everything I needed (except for what I need to wash tomorrow) and still have room left. That was a moment of genius.

The other moment came tonight right before my shower. I was using spare socks and underwear to stuff odd corners of my boxes in order to maximize space. I had put everything I had left on my bed to stuff the boxes without the thought that I still had two nights left here--that is, until I looked for underwar underwear for my shower. Where could it have gone?

Oh. Duh. I opened the top box, and sure enough, two pairs were squeezed among some skirts, pants, and clothes hangers. I grabbed those two pairs, tossed one pair on my bed, and took the other with me.

Genius, I tell you.
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