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A Temporary Return to DSC

I went back to DSC today to pick up my copy of the Exemplar. They chose the one in which I compared myself to my parents. Oh my, I came off as such a bitch, like I was better than them or something, which isn't true at all. Apparently I wasn't over the teen angst thing, and it showed in the essay. Grah. The sad part was that they chose that one, out of all six essays that were nominated. Oh well.

On a brighter side, I saw my Calc II professor today, who was in a different office since he's now head of the math/science department. (The former head, who's an Agnes alumna--Dr. Griffus introduced us when he found out I was going there--is now the assistant vice president of something; the former assistant VP, Dr. Veve--I had him for World History, partie deux--wanted to go back to teaching full-time. Wow, it is a small world.) Since I was there, I decided to deliver news of my conversion in person. When I stopped by, someone else was in there talking to him about something, but when he saw me, he waved me in. Let's say he was not overly surprised but extremely happy all the same. So we started talking about math and what each of us has been up to, and a future involving math.

So all in all, a fun visit. Now I have to finish packing. If you want to tell me something (long-lost secrets, undying love, stories of a past unknown, et cetera), do it soon. Compy's getting unplugged tonight, and I'll likely not have Internet access until tomorrow night when I'm back at Agnes.
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