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*clears throat* Ahem. I'm already at Agnes, and I'm already busy.

This morning was a zoo, for I was running around packing the little things, and Dad was unplugging and packing Compy [he put it off until this morning]. We finally crammed everything (including me) into the trunk and into the backseat, and I went to say good-bye to Grandmother. (I said bye to Jeffrey last night.) After that we were on the road, stopping to eat on the way to Agnes.

Now for the interesting part, as I don't believe I wrote about my housing situation. *checks* No, I didn't. Hrm. Let's just say that I must have pleased the math gods. Renu, Bria, and I were planning to get a triple, but back in April this didn't look like it was going to happen, so we gave up on that. Yesterday, though, I got an e-mail from residence life. We got it. So now we're in Main, which is nice, but on the downside it also means no air conditioning. The lack of air conditioning disturbs my parents greatly for some reason. I keep reminding them that I'm the one who lives there and not them. Grah.

So after we brought all my boxes to my room (which will basically be mine until Sunday, come to think of it--I need to do some major rearranging so everyone'll have an outlet), Dad decided that it was time to work on Compy. This, of course, involved a lot of harsh words on all our parts, especially at his insistence that I wouldn't be able to move Compy. He told me that last year too, by the way, and I did anyway. He can get over it.

He took so long that I had to drag him away, reminding him that I was here early to fulfill responsibilities, so we had better go on our Target run. Among other basic things that I couldn't fit in the car, we needed to get a mouse extension cord and a fan, an essential item for surviving the Main heat.

So we went to Target. I looked in the aisles for home furniture and such (I can never remember what that aisle was called).

And they didn't have a fan. Not a single one. After asking an employee, who said that the fans were apparently were in rotation with the microwaves (?), we headed for Office Depot, where we had a choice between a humongous fifty-dollar fan and a small ten-dollar fan. I chose the latter. The huge fan would be extremely difficult to pack later.

Then we returned to Agnes, where I got the Internet working before Mum and Dad left. (For some reason Dad wanted to make sure it worked, even though I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself (and I did).) Finally, they left, and I checked my e-mail before heading for the poster-making party, at which I made welcome posters for my little Scottie Sisters, Rachael and Laura.

Also, I'm already receiving requests about the Student Activity Fair. Since I'm the Infinity Club VP, Nico (the president) e-mailed me last night about it, asking about it and ideas for the year. Olivia from Aurora has also asked me representing over there. If I can split the time between the two clubs over there, I'll do both. If not... I'll see what I can do. I do need to reply to Nico's e-mail. I'll do that tomorrow.

Right now, though, I'm starving (I didn't eat anything). I still haven't finished unpacking, I haven't showered, and my bed doesn't have sheets on it yet. As I'd like to sleep on it tonight, I should do something about it. *flies*
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