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Appreciating the air conditioner

Last night I began to appreciate the air conditioner. Funny, we never truly appreciate what we have until it's gone. Humans are odd like that. Because of this lack of air conditioner, though, I didn't need any of my extra bedspreads--just a single sheet. I didn't go to bed until around midnight, though, because I still hadn't made my bed, and I needed to get all my stuff off my bed so I could actually sleep on it.

When I begin to sleep in a new place, my sleeping habits begin to get severely skewed. Despite not going to bed until midnight last night, I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Granted, my bed is in a corner, but not quite; either way, it's surrounded by two windows out of four in the room, one facing Rebekah and one facing the quad. After waking up, I rolled over and slept for another hour before rolling out of bed and into the dining hall, where I ate breakfast with Radhika, Charlotte, and Stephanie. From there I tried out the Main showers.

The biggest shock compared to Walters showers was that the sinks are right across from the showers, unlike the showers on one side and the sinks and toilets on the other. Basically, if someone's at the sink, she can know when you're getting out of the shower. Quite a sight. Also, there's no little outside area in the shower. So on the surface the shower looks bigger, and it is, but that's just so you have room to hang your towel and bathrobe. I still need to try out all the showers so I can claim one. (I claimed the third one last year, but after it went berserk, I decided that the first one was better anyway.)

The bulk of the day was spent unpacking, book-buying (I want to look through them now; I'm hoping to find them online for less so I can return the ones to the bookstore before the deadline), rearranging the room so I have my own little corner (complete with two small nightstands that were once my two huge boxes), picking up my fan where cesontmesmots left it, talking on AIM, eating lunch, and figuring out the best place to put Honeywell (the second fan). Let me tell you, Honeywell's even more powerful than Holmes (the first fan). I finally moved Holmes next to my bed (I knew there was a reason I brought an extension cord, and besides, I don't want to freeze) and kept Honeywell at my desk, since it's more central to the room.

Dinner was a community picnic for the newbies, their parents, and the oldbies. I wound up eating with a bunch of the RAs and RDs (I must be a groupie or something), during which time I realized that my old RA, Brenna, is now my RD, only this time she lives upstairs and not sort of next door.

Now I should probably get all the rest of the stuff off the beds, but... I don't feel like it. I'll do it later. I still have the room to myself until Sunday anyway.

P.S. So why the "life" entries lately? Well, I haven't gotten around to putting them in Dr. Nbook yet. I'll put up the leftovers of the Explosion of Real Content soon.
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