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The weekend's here! *waves flag*

First, two more months until Nanowrimo! *squee*

This week is finally over. I feel like Harry in Order of the Phoenix during his first week, except I didn't get detention from a teacher like Umbridge.

First, let's look at everything I have to do this semester. That's right. It's time for the first "Oh no I can't do all this!" whine. Don't worry; you can probably predict when the others will come. Looking at the calendar now is a bit daunting, but looking at it in November will be even more daunting. It'll probably be better to start on stuff now. It would be really cool to put my post-it notes on the wall now for the entire semester. It would be amusing, anyway. "Oh, look at this November deadline that I have here." (Oh, and yes, all of these have percentages. I just put them on all the final exams and where they're especially interesting.)

-Reading (about a chapter a week)
-Homework (about every other week)
-2 in-class midterm exams (scheduled for 28 Sept and 2 Nov right now *headdesk*)
-Lab reports (some formal, some not quite so)
-Semestre project
-Final exam (15%)

Women's Studies
-Attendance and participation (20% of the grade, actually)
-about nine writing assignments and one quiz
-1 midterm exam (scheduled for 7 Nov right now *headdesk*)
-final exam (30%)
-Oh, and loads of reading, which I don't mind. It's just time-consuming on top of everything else, especially in November.

French Lit
-Attendance and participation (10%)
-Presentation at some point in the semester (10%)
-2 quizzes/tests (scheduled for 22 Sept and 1 Nov *headdesk*) (40%)
-2 reading journals or short essays, ~3 pages each (40%)
-Again, lots of reading.

Differential Equations
(Yes, I saved the best for last.)
-2 take-home exams
-Final exam (~22%...Riddle uses a point system)
-Problem sets and Egrade homework
-DE proficiency tests
Can I have last spring's workload back? Please? Okay, if I made a list of last spring's workload at the beginning of the semester, I would have complained a lot more. I think I actually did to the point of "Am I insane?". Of course, I came through that just fine, but I really enjoyed everything in there, and I understood everything in French. Okay, so we wound up talking more in English there. Now it's actually in French. While I understand most of the French just fine, I don't understand a lot of the vocabulary, which has always been my weak point, partially because I never took that much French in the first place before diving in. Because of this I learned much of my French vocabulary on a needed-to-know or a hey-that's-a-cool-word basis. (Hee, basis.)

So I don't know what I'm going to do. I was planning on getting all my distributionals out of the way this year, but I don't want to do that if I'm not going to have fun while I'm doing it. I know the classes themselves will be fun, but I'm just worried if the workload is going to take its toll on me. It can't be as bad as last spring when I hardly saw the light of day, though. That's a relief.

Oh, I saw Jessi today. (She lived on my floor last year.) She's not at Agnes anymore, which saddens me. Still, she was visiting today, and I ran into her, so we talked for awhile. I had to run to lunch, though, so we didn't get to talk for long. That's the only thing about my schedule. I have only 30 minutes to eat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because I have classes from noon to 2 or 2:15 (and on Mondays and Wednesdays it's straight to the LSC for me afterward). If you've ever watched me eat, you know this is not a good thing.

I've also been witnessing some Internet connection wank over the last few days, so if I'm not logged on Trillian, or if I appear to log off while I'm talking to you, don't fret. Likely the connection's being wanky again.

But the Decatur Book Festival is this weekend, and the geek within is rejoicing. In order to go, though, I should probably get a little of this work done. I'm so glad it's the weekend.
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