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Decatur Book Festival 2006

The book festival was fantastic, if you haven't already listened to my voice post. I'm too lazy to transcribe it. Well, I also don't like listening to my own voice, so I usually don't bother. Do it if you feel so inclined.

Anyway, I loved the feel. Every time I went to a writer's booth, the author would ask "Are you a reader?" or "Are you a writer?", and I would answer "Yes yes yes!" to both. Actually, at the very first booth I stopped at, I got a rather good talking-to by the authors and their publisher about just writing and not getting serious about it, especially when I told them that I did want to get more serious about my writing. They did tell me something I hadn't already heard, though: going to writer's conferences. I knew about making connections with other writers, but I didn't know about going to the conferences for said connections. I talked to a bunch of other writers and publishers, and they gave me their tips as well, including the basic-but-powerful RESEARCH. That's right, that one deserves all caps. That one came from a self-published author I talked to for about ten minutes. Everyone there appreciated me as a writer and for who I really am there. Why can't that happen in the real world, where mathematician-writer-linguist-grammarian-nerd-Sushi is embraced by at least a small part of the world? It may not sound fun, but believe me, it's the best time anyone can have.

Also, various bookstores, writing organizations, and volunteer organizations had booths there. I wanted to buy out the bumper sticker supply at Charis (the feminist bookstore), but my lack of car would make that impractical.

But yes, it was a fantastic time. *flail*

P.S. Random Romantic Poetry Composer. This is amusing to no end, especially since I'm a terrible poet to begin with. This will go in the Link Dump in a few minutes.
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