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I have a math board!

I now have a math board. *waits for everyone to rejoice* Granted, it's really small, but it's good for scratching down basic ideas while thinking about problems. After dinner tonight there was this arts and crafts thing in the Hub, and I completely forgot about it until Radhika reminded me. So I went down there, grabbed a marker board (it had a green border), and got to work. I added some green dots and some green sparkly fringe. That's right. Math has the fringe thing going on. Sweet.

So now I don't have to waste as much paper and eraser while I'm trying to figure out problems. Yay.

To Do Before Tuesday:
1. Read for Astronomy
2. Read articles and define feminism for women's studies
3. Do DE homework
4. Read for French

Okay, tomorrow I'm doing this. I'm getting started. Come to think of it, I'll have to read for French tomorrow since the books are on reserve in the library and the library's closed Monday for Labour Day. Grah. I'd read it on Tuesday, but I don't want to do it at the last minute. Oh well.
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