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Hearing things

I think I'm hearing things again. Last night while I was trying to get to sleep, I kept hearing this thing that sounded like someone was huffing. I asked Renu if she was hearing anything. She said no, that I was probably hearing things. "But it sounds like someone's huffing a kitten or something!" I protested. (Warning: NSFW images and possibly disturbing article for those of you not into animal cruelty. Did I just use an Internet acronym? I believe I did.) I ignored it and went to sleep.

Then this morning I woke up to hearing someone snoring. It wasn't Bria or Renu because Bria wasn't there and Renu was awake. I told Renu that I heard it again. "It's snoring now," I told her. And it was; it was snoring rather heavily. She asked me if it was what I had heard last night, and I said that it probably was. She ignored it. Seriously, though, I think there's something in here.
In other news, I started my period last night. I'm starting to suspect that there are hormones specific to the LJ community that causes excess wank at certain times of the month. It also causes the menstrual cycles of those who interact often to coincide, meaning we're all wanky at the same time. How wankariffic is that?

(Oh my, I just used "wankariffic". The world's going to end.)
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