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Math on the quad? Math on the quad!

Let's see. I ate lunch with Minda, Sandra, Emily, and had an enlightening conversation with midoriliem. Also, I had a fantastic time doing math on the quad (unfortunately, I didn't have any sidewalk chalk, which would have made it so much better) this afternoon, but then the ants decided to ruin my good time in the grass before I could start the next section. Oh well.

Besides that, I finished everything I need to do for Tuesday. Nice. Also, I've started on what I need to do for Wednesday so I won't be completely behind.

Today I was thinking about something, though. Given unlimited time, can two people run out of things to talk about? After all, I'm not the greatest conversationalist; it requires thinking on my feet, a skill I've never possessed in great quantities. While there are so many different conversation topics in the realm of conversation topics, and more are created by combining possible topics, what causes lulls in conversations? Is it the "Oh dear, what am I going to say next?" thought? Is it the "What if they don't appreciate what I have to say?" thought? Is it the "Well, what do I say to that?" reaction? Is it the lack of willingness to continue a conversation? What exactly is it?

Because of this, and because I haven't done a poll in awhile, have a poll.

Poll #814036 Conversation Lulls

Why do you suddenly experience silence in conversation (online or offline)?

Oh no, what am I going to say next?
What if they don't like what I'm going to say?
What am I supposed to say to that?
If I shut up, will they stop talking to me?
Did you realize that you forgot something?

If you have another conversation lull, tell me. (Throw it in the comments if it won't fit.)

Do enlighten me.
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