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I saw Dr. Koch today after astronomy. His sabbatical office is in the observatory, as I found out. We had to go out the side door to the observatory today, and as I did I passed an open door. Then I went back and saw a familiar face. It was him! So I stopped by and talked to him for a few minutes. Sabbatical is treating him quite nicely, I must say.

My DE book came in today--twenty-five dollars including expedited shipping. After tearing my room apart for the receipt, I took the hundred-dollar used book back to the bookstore. Actually, I got a sweet deal. The book looks almost new. It's fantastic. One big mail arrived, one to go. Okay, to be fair, I had expedited shipping on something from Maryland, so it makes sense that it's going to arrive first.

Also, I love how the main topic of discussion is the huge change of Facebook Stalkerbook. It's starting to track every single bloody thing your friends do, for those of you not in the know. It's enough to make me want to get another identity and give that out. And people wonder why I rarely log on Facebook these days. *sigh* If that's all you can talk about, then I'm worried about how much grey matter you're using.
People started coming in tonight at work. Even though I'm actually responsible for Calc I, I actually wound up helping out someone in Calc II, which went over fairly well except for one little problem. There was also a visit from a Calc I student (in another section of the class) who was asking about exponential functions. So I was rather busy tonight. Afterward Nico (Infinity Club president) and I hung around talking about math and other fun things for about half an hour before heading back.

But I need to go. Tomorrow's the student activities fair, and I'll be running back and forth between the Infinity Club and Aurora tables. That'll take a lot of energy. Plus Dr. Ojo has the bright idea to give us homework the day before the class meets and not just after the last class. Grr. That's what I get for overplanning my schedule. Oh well. *flies*
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