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Talking to myself

One thing I forgot from last night. We had a hall meeting, during which Laurel (my RA) told us to be extra careful when locking doors because during her rounds one night she found some guy asleep in President Kiss's office. He was escorted out by Public Safety, but it could have been someone with the intent of hurting us.

Now that I have that out of the way, I finished lunch early today and was talking to myself on the way back here. Then I realized something. I don't have anything due tomorrow since we weren't doing anything new. Okay, I could read ahead or start on the DE problem due Monday, but the problem isn't immediate. As I walked up to the door to enter Main, this girl was also unlocking the door. "Are you talking to yourself?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied, doing all I could not to say that the voices were influencing me. "Why?"

"Okay, I was just making sure you weren't talking to me," she told me.

"Well, I have a thing for talking to myself in public," I explained. "It helps sort out the thoughts when I don't have anything to write them down on."

"Well, that makes sense," she said before heading for another floor.

*giggle* Who knew that talking to oneself was disturbing?
Oh, I know what I can do after class. Laundry. I have three hours between the end of class and dinner. I can definitely do at least one load, maybe two if the laundry room's empty. That's what I'll do. I was going to do it this weekend anyway (I NEEDED to do it this weekend), so why not now? Yup, that's it.
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