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More than the ordinary?

This morning I saw Dr. Riddle riding onto campus on his bicycle. He waved at me as he passed. Hee.

I did do a load of laundry this afternoon. Of course, I had a genius moment this afternoon and decided to do darks instead of whites. Oh well. I can do whites tomorrow. I have about two pairs of underwear left. At least I don't have to fight for the laundry room this weekend. It was actually pretty bad this afternoon. Exploring the basement of Main was much fun.

I found myself staying late in the LSC tonight. A girl came in asking about partial derivatives for her chemistry class, and I found myself staying over to help. I enjoyed it, though. Not because I was staying late, but because I felt like I was really making a difference in helping someone understand, because I could really explain math to someone else and make them understand. It's a good feeling.
I actually had time to breathe today. It felt weird. Not the breathing, although that has become recreational lately, but actually having time to sit back and watch the world pass before me while I'm doing nothing. I'm so used to being busy that doing nothing just doesn't feel right anymore. I can't just sit and do nothing. It's not part of my nature. Even when I'm sitting in class or talking to people, I usually have something in my hand to fiddle with. It keeps my hands busy, at least, and it's probably an attempt to occupy my brain with something more than the ordinary.
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