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Yet another thing I forgot yesterday:
Yesterday was the first Sophomorning, this thing just for the sophomores. Emily, Sandra, and I stopped by on the way to class and talked to President Kiss (that's pronounced 'quiche', everyone) for a few minutes before going to class. She asked us what we were planning on majoring in. I was last of the three of us, and when I told her I was planning on a math/French major, her interest perked right up. "That's really interesting," she said.

"Well, I love what I do," I replied.

"That's why you should do it."
Also, there was a hall meeting in Walters last night, the dorm I stayed in last year. It was originally about the mess in one of the bathrooms, but at the end someone piped up and said that she couldn't prove anything, but she kept hearing and smelling things in one of the rooms in third floor, and there was probably a cat in there.

When Stephanie (who heard it from Charlotte and Radhika, who live there and were at the meeting) told Renu and me this at breakfast, we cracked up. I don't normally trust nth-hand discussion, but this was just too amusing. Besides, if it is true, I have my connections to check it.

Life does enjoy taunting me, though. I wouldn't be surprised if we start predator-prey models today in DEs. If Dr. Riddle says anything about cats, I'll probably start giggling and won't be able to stop.

EDIT: So the voting's going on about changing our class mascot. I have one thing to say. The plural of supernova is NOT supernovas. It's supernovae. *stabs* If it were grammatically correct, I would love it and probably even vote for it. Sorry, guys.
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