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Today I decided to take an afternoon off after DEs. (No mentions of cats for the curious.) After all, my weekend begins after DEs, so taking some time off before getting to work is really nice. It gives me some perspective before doing laundry and other sundries, which is always nice.

I had dinner with a first-year who actually knew what Uncyclopedia was. It was shocking and fun at the same time. I just mentioned it, and we started rattling off in-jokes about the site. Fantastic.
Sometimes I feel bad when I write short pointless entries. Maybe it's because I know I'm letting down my own literary potential, but maybe it's also because I don't want to pollute the Internet with even more pointless tripe. I think this is why I've stopped posting truly pointless stuff like memes and such. Those aren't of literary value. Come to think of it, most of what I write isn't of true literary value.

And yet that's exactly what I'm doing right now. How interesting.
On another note, I have an odd desire to rewrite my userinfo. Right now it looks like a bunch of rambling. I don't want to change it too drastically because I do have some semblance of structure for it, but it does need a rewrite. Ideas?

To Do This Weekend
1. DE problem
2. DE Homework
3. Read for French
4. Read for astronomy
5. Read for women's studies
6. Laundry

(Yes, I'm reading ahead. I figure it'll be handy once I get into the semester and don't want to read so far ahead anymore, especially come November.)
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