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What does my username mean?

Since I've had this journal for over a year, it's about time I explain my username. It's pretty obvious if you see my display name, but I feel like writing an actual entry tonight.

My high school precalculus teacher was explaining to us how to put exponents in graphing calculators one day. (You'd be surprised how many people still don't know how to do this by precalc, but...) The exponent button is the caret (^), which I automatically interpreted as "carrot" when she said it because my brain's weird like that. This lurked in the back of my head for quite a long time.

Last year I was creating a LJ account and was searching for a username. For some reason, none of my normal online aliases would do. Then I remembered the most awesome transcendental number ever: e. Since my insanity grows exponentially over time, a username hinting at this would be interesting. I put all this together and created ecarrotsushi. The rest is her story.
Today was the first real Monday of the semester. Insane.

I did talk to Dr. Ojo this morning about giving us our assignments a little more in advance (i.e. not via e-mail the night before class). He agreed. Whew. Also, I must be a masochist, for I agreed to doing a presentation on Francophone literature in Asia and the Monday.

It was a good thing I read ahead in everything else this weekend.
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