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Mascot Changes

So our new class mascot is the Gold Diggers.

... *blink*

Let the double entendres begin.

EDIT 11:18am: I wrote this as a comment in agnesscott:

Look at it this way. 40% of the class voted for the mascot, meaning that 60% didn't. This means that while 40% of the students are going to celebrate over the new mascot, 60% are going to be unhappy because of it, and a subset of this set will go around causing drama because of it.

Lesson: It's not a big deal. We'll stil choose our majors (Wow, we have to do that this year. Erm...yikes?), graduate, and move on with our lives. What we choose as a mascot will be relevant over the next three years and at reunions.

If you want to be mad at anything, look at our options. The plural of supernova is supernovae, not supernovas. :P
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