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The murder of a poor innocent creature

I killed a ladybug this morning.

That's right. I killed a ladybug. It was in my sink on its back, similar to the state of a turtle on its back. I didn't notice it until I was halfway through brushing my teeth, so I figured I'd rescue it and let it free after I finished brushing my teeth. Unfortunately that never happened.

When I finished brushing my teeth, I turned on the water to rinse my toothbrush. I turned the water on too high, and the water splashed on the ladybug. The poor thing couldn't resist the turns of the cascading water and fell into the vortex of falling water. When I realized what I had done, I turned the water off and grabbed a napkin to give it a proper burial before spitting out my toothpaste. That would be cruel beyond words.

I am such a bad person.
In other news, my experiment is working. That's all I'm saying on that. Now I have to extrapolate the results on known subjects. This is going to be the hard part. Maybe with this I can find a sense of belonging in a subset of the universe.
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