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My cold is getting worse. I hardly slept last night, and I'm blowing my nose every few minutes just so I can breathe. My throat's still sore, and I have a headache of doom. I still went to astronomy lab and to class this morning, though. I couldn't blow my nose in the middle of class, nor could I leave class in order to do so since I was in the front row, and leaving would be kind of obvious.

And I'll be in the LSC for two hours tonight! This should be interesting.

Me: So then what do you do?
Her: We take the natural log?
Me: *nods* Hold on, I need to blow my nose. Breathing is good.

Talking is starting to hurt, too, so I'm trying not to do that too much. It doesn't hurt in itself. It just hurts because my throat is so dry. I woke up twice last night to get some water. I've been coating my throat with liquids what feels like constantly, but no relief has come. Sigh.
Okay, enough of my sickness. Here, have a metaquote on sex in the signs of the zodiac. All I have to say is that I am not a frigid prude. Although I do have my lubes in alphabetical order by texture and scent.
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