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Look, a subject!

My French presentation is almost finished. I just need to go over it tomorrow morning, when my voice will sound like a normal voice again (I hope). It sounds nearly normal now; it's just stuffy and painful. Grah. I can see it tomorrow, though; I'm going to run in there after a 30-minute lunch and start presenting. It'll be amusing.

I'm really digging Firefox. Tabs are addictive. They make me multitask even more than usual, but at least I don't have to worry about Trillian or Internet windows collapsing when another one opens up.
In other news, this cold isn't getting any more entertaining. Actually, it was never entertaining to start with. It's just aggravating now. Grah.

I also have to watch a movie for women's studies before Tuesday. The group viewing starts in about half an hour. I may as well go to that because what are the chances I'll watch it tomorrow?

I promise I'll write something interesting this week, assuming my DE problem set doesn't eat my soul inside first. My brain needs the interesting writing.
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