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I had a screwed-up dream last night.

I was in a science classroom in my high school (I wanted to say my advisor's classroom, even though I never had her as a teacher, but for some reason it didn't look like her classroom. I just knew.) when I started to feel sort of funny. I went out the classroom, followed a hall (which was one of two halls to the classroom), and entered the nurse's office, which for some reason was connected to the science classroom.

Mum and Jeffrey were waiting for me there. The nurse entered for a few minutes and left. After the nurse left, Mum grabbed a syringe, held me down, and started to inject the stuff in my mouth. I fought back, but she pinned me down in the end and injected the stuff in my cheek. Jeffrey just stood back and watched. I pushed her away and ran back to the classroom to sit down. My stomach began to feel funny. I fell to the floor and felt no more.

Then I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach.

Now, what? That's even more screwed up than the one with the airplanes.
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